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4th Sense Samayal or lately 4th Sense Cooking????!!!!! Whats that all about?

Out of the six senses a human has, the fourth is the sense of taste. Now I guess you got it. Its simply tasty samayal or cooking. :)

So the blog Fourth Sense Cooking would be a collection of tasty, simple and good looking recipes. 

Who is behind this blog?

meI must say its a whole family of sweet people who are behind the success of this blog. But anyways lets keep the modesty away for a while.

Its me Nithya who has lately found a new born foodie in her. It all happened on a fine day when I was in my early twenties. Mom realized that I was old enough to get off the bed and get into the kitchen to explore behind the scene activities of dishes that I relished.

Though I was a little lazy, I loved the idea of exploring a totally new arena for me. Mom also insisted me to copy down her collection of recipes so that I would have a handy reference later.

Bling!!! That was when my IT mind woke up and I decided to start a food blog on my own to register a copy of the recipes that I learn and try.

What can we expect from Fourth Sense Cooking?

Since I am a fresher to the kitchen myself (just a year now), you can surely see a lot of basic and easy to cook recipes. 
I always make sure I use easily available ingredients and also use simple gadgets to cook my food. So, even a kitchen novice can easily follow my instructions. 

I love food presentation. So, you will surely have drool worthy pictures accompanying my recipes always. Colorful and cheerful cooking is my mantra. :) 

What cuisines do you cover in Fourth Sense Cooking?

Since I am an Indian and more specifically South Indian by birth, you would find a lot of recipes that originated in South India(Tamil Nadu). But I am a big time foodie who loves to experiment various cuisines. So, you would surely have a flavor of the world food as well. 

Does your food taste as good as they look? 

[It sounds more like a self praise na.. ;) ] 

It does taste GOOD. I believe that only good food can look appealing. So if you like its look, you might like the taste as well. :) 

Come on.. y trust me!! give it a try yourself and get back to me on your opinion. :)  


What about photography? What tools and techniques do you use?  

Till date(Mar 2010), I dint own a camera. I clicked all my pictures using Sony Ericsson K790i mobile camera. 

Yup! :) from now on I am a proud owner of  Canon DSLR camera. :)

I always try to utilize the natural light available to make my photographs look bright. I don't play much with photo editing tools other than watermarking and a frame for my pics. 

Are all the recipes and photographs in your blog originally yours?

Yes. All the pictures are shot by myself and I solely own the rights for it.

The recipes are from my mom's collection and some of them are adapted from tv shows or from friends and family. I give due credits if I blindly follow a recipe. But 99% of my recipes are my experiments and would surely have my own additions to make it extra interesting. 

Do you respond to comments and doubts from the visitors of your blog?

I always try my best to duly reply to the doubts that I receive in the form of comments and mails. 
Just in case I am not certain about the answer to your question, I would be humble enough to accept the fact and would redirect you to the right person. 

Your comments are the key source for my improvement and it definitely encourages me so much. Do contribute by commenting and supporting me as ever. :) 

Is your blog right protected?

Yes. I own the contents and pictures in my blog. Its absolutely unethical to copy, hence I would surely expect you to ask me before you reproduce any of the contents else where. 

I am always sweet enough to share my contents. So do ask before you use. Make life simple. :)

Do you have any more questions for me??? You can surely shoot out your questions using the "ping me" form here. I would be more than pleased to get back to you. 

Hope you have a lovely time in Fourth Sense Cooking. 

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